Enjoy Snacks Every Day While Losing Weight

Woman's Hand Holding Slices of Fresh Fruit

Snacking can be as healthy as it is inevitable. We might think that we will only lose weight if we stick to three small meals a day, but the reality is that we need snacks throughout the day to keep our blood sugars level, our energy levels up, and our hunger at bay.

The best snacks will combine fresh foods with fiber, healthy fats, and protein while avoiding excessive sugars and chemical additives and preservatives. Try a few of these when snack time hits:

  • A small handful of mixed nuts with a small piece of fresh fruit
  • An ounce of dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth along with a few almonds
  • A cup of low-fat Greek yogurt with crunchy walnuts and a small amount of fresh honey to sweeten it
  • An ounce of low-fat cheese with a handful of grapes
  • An ounce of nut butter or whipped avocado spread on a piece of whole-grain toast
  • A cup of air-popped popcorn
  • Fresh veggies like celery or bell pepper strips dipped in nutrient-rich hummus
  • Cut-up fresh fruits to make a flavorful salad
  • Homemade energy bars packed with oats, chia seeds, and fruits
  • A small serving of oats with the toppings of your choice
  • A hard-boiled pastured egg
  • Fresh berries
  • Seeds such as sunflower or pumpkin that are roasted but unsalted

Prepackaged snacks such as energy bars or whole-wheat pretzels seem like a healthy option for those who are diet-conscious. Too often, these snacks are high in sodium, fat, and/or fats that actually do more harm than good. Embrace whole foods for the healthiest snacking options.


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