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Want down to earth advice from someone who has been there?The weight loss team at MRC in Port Orange is here to help. We will educate you on how to deal with both physical and emotional triggers that could be sabotaging your efforts. If you've tried other plans to lose weight but struggled to keep the weight off, our MRC consultants can explain why your diet may have been doomed for failure from the start. By eating real foods that help to balance your body, you won't have to suffer with hunger pangs to manage your weight. At the Metabolic Research Center, our goal is to keep you on track until your desired weight is realized. We've invested over 30 years of research and development into our programs, this helps our staff to deliver a menu plan that amplifies your performance. We will teach you how our "Weight Loss Port Orange" programs have you eat healthy foods in a way that helps to fuel your metabolism. Our individualized menu plans combine a healthy balance of lean meats, proteins, the right fats and good carbohydrates. You'll feel content and in control of your day. That will make shedding pounds and keeping the weight off a lot easier. "Weight Loss Port Orange" menu plans are a snap to follow. You'll consume fresh, nutritious foods that you find at your local grocery store or order from the menu when you eat out. Plus, there are no online meals to buy, no calories to count and no guesswork.

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Wonderful program and wonderful counseling! I hadn't had any successful weight loss in other programs until I joined MRC. If you're having problems with stubborn weigh tloss this is the place to go. But remember if you don't follow the program as instructed you won't get the results you want.

— Jeanette Beard

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