Three Reasons Why Your Last Diet Was Doomed to Fail

Doomed Diets

Very few people see lasting results with the first diet they try. Many people try half a dozen diets in any given year and see little success. Most are just fads that offer quick results that reverse when you resume your normal lifestyle. Your last diet was doomed to fail if you:

Exercised your life away. Maybe this is an overstatement, and while physical activity is great for your overall health and weight loss, too much can be a bad thing. Misguided workouts can increase your chances of injury, interfere with your hormones and, if you're on a low-calorie diet, drain you of energy you don't really have to spare.

Could eat anything as long as you stayed within your calorie budget. Calories are not created equally. Sure, 100 calories of apple slices and a 100 calories of potato chips are both 100 calories, but they have very different impacts on your body. Apples are full of vitamins and fiber while potato chips are in high-carbohydrates, provide no nutrition, and are fried in oil that turns toxic when heated to high degrees. A juicy grass-fed steak with a side of broccoli and carrots is far better for you than any processed microwaveable meal that fits into your daily calorie allowance.

Avoided fats of all kinds. Despite new research, many Americans still suffer from "fat phobia". Our bodies are designed to use fat as fuel and when we stop eating fat, our bodies save it to our hips and tummies thinking there's a shortage of fuel. Eating natural fats that are in meat, fish, nuts, coconut and olives are beneficial to our bodies and provide the fatty acids that we need for proper heart and brain function.

If you're ready to give up dieting in the traditional sense and change to a lifestyle that doesn't require calorie counting or workouts that resemble Olympic training sessions, contact us at the Metabolic Research Center to start a program that encourages you to eat Mother Nature's best foods in their most real forms to obtain optimal health.


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