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Multi-Generation Family Dinner

Lots of small steps can make eating right and exercise a much more manageable set of tasks.  These lifestyle changes can be much easier when there is someone with whom to partner. Cooking the same meal for the entire family makes it much more likely that the positive effort will continue, as it is more convenient for everyone.  It's also a great motivator when the whole family is working together toward the goal of living healthier.

Splitting the cost of a gym membership or a personal trainer, or just getting support from a community of people who share a common goal, can really help to ensure your success. Because the support is affirming and positive, it also helps everyone connected to sustain their personal motivation over the long haul.

Here are some simple steps that can be used to blend the normal parts of your day with your new habits. Dancing to the music or kickboxing during your favorite reality television show can pump up an energy level even when the brain is really just hanging out.  Commercial breaks are a good time to walk on a treadmill or use weights for a few repetitions.  After prime time, it may be a good time to run a workout video, to get that energy pumping.  Every bit of movement, every task, adds up.  Before long, there's a 30-minute workout 3 times a week, cumulatively, in effect. 

Movement, diet, fitness, flexibility, are all a function of a large number of small habits and simple changes that can quickly add up.  The interesting thing to note is, this slow progression results in a much better quality of life for both the person making the lifestyle changes, and their families.  Sitting down, eating together, and modeling a proper diet can make for a lifetime of good habits for the whole family. Plus, it's always rewarding to celebrate weight loss success with others.

If you don't currently have others nearby to share your lifestyle changes, contact the Metabolic Research Center for a FREE consultation. Our weight loss specialists have been in your shoes and are well-trained in providing the education, support and encouragement for you to reach your health and wellness goals. And nobody loves to celebrate successful lifestyle changes more than we do!



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