What's the Best Way to Detox?

Four Jars of Detox Water

Detox diets are all the rage, with businesses making money hand over fist by promising you amazing results. A detox is supposed to revamp your whole system, give you added energy, jumpstart weight loss and clear your skin. Some of the detox diets out there are just plain bad news, and others are an overpriced waste of money. Still, there is something to the concept, and one new trend consists of using "detox water" to help you cleanse. These waters are infused with fruits and vegetables. But, do they work?

Well, yes and no. Detoxing means you aren't adding toxins to your body. The body processes a surprising amount of toxins on a daily basis. Many of the foods we eat and drink each day are chock full of things our body doesn't need. It does take energy to process them. Not only that, but we put immense strain on our digestive system when we consume many of these foods.

A cleanse works because we aren't adding more toxins into our body. We are getting plenty of fluid and restricting ourselves to natural, healthy fruits and veggies. This does leave us feeling more energetic. It can help boost metabolism and cleanse the digestive system, which will also result in improved levels of energy and an overall feeling of well-being.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is you don't need a fancy gimmick to detox your body. Just don't consume foods that are made up of chemical fillers, sugar, processed flour and other artificial ingredients that cause bloating, raise blood sugar, slow down the body and cause inflammation. Instead, drink lots of water, eat whole fruits and veggies and limit yourself to lean meats and healthy fats. That's how you detox.

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