Lifestyle Changes: One Step at a Time

Seafood and Salad

Lifestyle changes are amongst the biggest challenges a person can tackle, and it may take many attempts or a series of small incremental changes to meet those goals.  Tackling one behavior or bad habit at a time may help the process and make it less intimidating.  There are a number of tips that can help almost anyone successfully lose weight and keep the weight off, such as: 

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables is a good recommendation for anyone seeking better health.  Adding 3 more servings each day is a good, and attainable, goal for those starting out.  It doesn't massively overhaul a regular diet, and fruit or vegetable cups and smoothies are widely available for convenience.  Watch out for added salt and sugar, though.
  • Increase the amount of aerobic exercise done each day. 
  • Cook!  Cook at least three more meals a week.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.  Can be combined with above steps for a tasty start to a morning.
  • Add three servings of whole grains per day.  This one is a little tougher, but easily combined with more fruits and vegetables and/or breakfast.  Watch added sugar on that whole grain cereal with strawberries, though.  
  • Add some strength training to the regime – three days a week.
  • Swap unhealthy for healthy fats in your diet.  Replacing butter with olive oil, particularly in savory dishes, is really simple.  Try infusing olive oil with herbs for extra flavor.
  • Go vegetarian once a week.  Try something new.  Ethnic foods can help with this step as Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines have many flavorful, healthy, and satisfying choices.
  • Eat more fish or seafood.  Add one to two servings of fish or other seafood per week.  Avoid frying it.  It is easy to broil most seafood, and dinner can be done before the car can make it to a restaurant. 
  • Cut portion size on higher fat or less healthy meals.  Most people prepare the same ten or twelve meals over and over, and cutting the portion sizes of the more comfort-style foods and adding more vegetables and salads can really cut calories and ease a dieter out of some food habits.

These are just a few common sense tips. To jump start your lifestyle change, try one of these each month. If you have a medical condition or just want to talk to a professional weight loss specialist, contact the Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation.


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