How to Keep Salads Fresher

Romaine Lettuce

Salads are tough to get and keep in a diet.  There are a large number of different tricks that can help people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle keep a salad on hand so that they are more likely to get enough leafy greens in their diet, which is one of the toughest long-term habits to acquire.

There are lots of salads-in-a-jar options, and there are easy and inexpensive ways to make this happen, and they work very well to keep nice green lettuce in the fridge at home and at work.  Romaine lettuce is the easiest variety to keep on hand, and it will keep for 10 days or more vacuum packed in a jar in the refrigerator at home or at work.  There are a number of ways to do this, from the economical DIY method which uses a small hand pump (~$5), to a full vacuum system and large-mouthed mason jars. 

Removing most of the air out of the cut-up lettuce keeps it from turning brown.  Getting most of the moisture out of the lettuce keeps it from rotting, and having no air circulation keeps it from drying out.  Packing enough jars to provide the lettuce for lunches and dinners all at once cuts cleanup by 6/7 and preparation take less than 30 minutes with a little practice.  This is less time than it takes to drive to a restaurant to order a salad, and at far less cost. 

Salad toppings are not packed with lettuce, either in the bag, or in the vacuum sealed jar, to help keep the lettuce fresh longer.  A dressed salad is no longer edible in a matter of hours.  Salad hacks for work include keeping dried fruit, nuts, and seeds in one's desk at work, and a bottle of dressing in the refrigerator, or keeping a small bottle of vinegar and oil.  A peeler is a useful tool to have at work because whole carrots keep in the refrigerator for a long time, and its a matter of a few seconds to peel “ribbons” of carrot off into a salad.


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