Are Processed Foods Bad For Weight Loss?

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People who are trying to lose weight often lose sight of the fact that there is more to weight loss than counting calories. It is also making sure the body has the nutrients and energy it needs to function efficiently. Processed foods are often devoid of nutrients and packed full of extra calories that aren't really good for anything except for adding a few extra pounds.

Eating whole foods in their freshest state provides an abundance of nutrients. Whole foods contain a balance of fats, carbohydrates and, in some cases, protein that make it easier to digest. Processed foods are made to taste good. Most of the vitamins and minerals are eliminated through the cooking and preserving processes. Manufacturers know that if the food tastes and looks good, people will often eat it whether they are hungry or not. By overriding the body's built in mechanisms that help control overeating, processed foods are one of the biggest factors in gaining excess weight.

While not all processed foods are bad, those that contain multiple additives and preservatives should be avoided, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Additives and preservatives slow down the digestive tract and cause the liver to become sluggish. This prevents proper absorption of any nutrients the food may contain and can actually disrupt the body's blood sugar levels.

If losing weight is the primary goal, it is important to eat a balanced diet full of fresh, nutritious foods. Including too much processed foods can hinder the body's ability to burn calories properly by limiting the amount of nutrients it is capable of utilizing. Fresh foods provide an abundance of energy and the right amount of nutrients to keep a body active and functioning properly.


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