Don't Forget Figs for the Holidays


 Figs are an awesome late summer and fall fruit. They are wonderful raw or as the star in a cooked dish. They also make the perfect treat for anyone who is battling the holiday weight-gain syndrome.

Figs Are Healthy Sugar

Unlike the sugar that is in chocolate, cookies, cakes, and other decadent desserts, the natural sugar in figs and other fruit is long acting. What this means is that when you eat natural sugars (in moderation), they help energize you for a longer period of time and without the sudden crash that you get when you have a candy bar or donut. This is one of the reasons that figs make such a great holiday treat.

There are a lot of wonderful tasting treats around during the holidays. We are tempted by cookies, chocolates, and snacks that are mostly carbs, processed sugars, and fats. Figs have a solid 10 grams of sugar and 2 grams of dietary fiber so when you choose a fig over a cookie you still get that burst of sweetness without all of the negatives.

Figs Versus Sugar Cookies

For example, a single sugar cookie has 72 calories compared to the mere 47 calories in a fig. Sugar cookies have 10 grams of total carbs and only six of those are from sugar. A fig has 12 grams of total carbs and two are from dietary fiber, and 10 are from natural sugars. Sugar cookies have three grams of fat whereas a fig has none. The big difference here is that when you enjoy a sugar cookie, it offers you almost nothing in terms of nutrition except 2 percent of your ADA Iron. A fig on the other hand, has vitamin A, C, Calcium, and Iron. So you not only get healthy carbs, you gain healthy nutrients that your body can use to build a stronger immune system, strong blood cells, and that might actually help you fight off those holiday cold and flu bugs.

To learn more about snacks that help your body lose weight and restore health, try a visit to the Metabolic Research Center's site. Here you will find a hoard of healthy information that allows you to enjoy good food without losing your battle to lose weight.


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