Does Spinach on Top Make Fast Food Healthier?

spinach on burger

It can be tempting to think that adding healthy ingredients to unhealthy foods is the answer. Sure, if you put a little fresh spinach leaves on top of a burger it will add some nutrients, however, it doesn't change the fact that most fast food choices are full of preservatives and processed ingredients.

So, although you may have added some nutrition to your meal, you are still consuming excess sodium, dyes, sugar, artificial flavors including MSG, unhealthy fats and foods that aren't real foods.

What Is The Alternative?

Ideally, you will want to skip fast food altogether. As you become accustomed to eating quality, whole foods, you will notice that you feel better, have more energy and start losing weight. Adding fast food into the mix can very quickly lower your energy levels and cause more cravings, which may inevitably lead you back to the drive thru.

If you find yourself out of the house and you need to find a fast meal, opt for the healthiest options possible. Order a sandwich on whole grain bread with ingredients like fresh avocado, cucumber, spinach and red pepper.

Avoid sauces and dressings, as this is where much of the sodium, sugar and artificial ingredients like to hide out. Steer clear of "enriched", processed breads and buns. Look for lean meats and real cheese. Fresh veggies are always a good choice.

How To Avoid Fast Food

The best way to avoid fast food trips is to plan ahead. By planning meals in advance, you won't find yourself wondering what's for dinner. Keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand, especially in your vehicle. Eating healthy becomes a habit just like anything else. Enforce the habit and enjoy the benefits of renewed health, more energy and a body you can feel good about.


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