The Potato Diet — Fact or Fiction?

Two Potato Heads

Imagine losing 100 pounds in just 80 days. That would be something extraordinary. Well, no need to imagine it; it really happened to illusionist Penn Jillette. With the help of his doctor, Jillette began a weight loss journey that he named the "Potato Diet."

Jillette found himself in a medical predicament. He is 6'7" tall and weighed 330 pounds. His BMI or body-mass-index was over 37 and his doctor discovered he had a heart blockage of 90 percent. Not only was Jillette in dire straits, there was not much he could do to get out of it. With a 90 percent heart block, exercise is limited to basically breathing. His only option was an extreme diet. He took that option and he succeeded.

Illusionist Penn Jillette's Potato Diet

The diet is 1000 calories per day. He was allowed only very basic foods. He filled his plate with vegetables, fresh fruits, beans, and nuts. On occasion, he was allowed healthy meats such as lean chicken and fish. At the end of the first 80 days, he lost 100 pounds. A medically supervised diet usually involve medication, monitoring and a serious reduction in caloric intake. Their goal is not to be gentle about dropping fat, lowering cholesterol and helping to build better health. The question for Jillette is whether or not he can keep off the weight that he lost and maintain his goal to be healthier. So far, his weight loss was no illusion and his commitment is genuine.

Sustainable Weight Loss without the Extreme Dieting

For those of us who have trouble losing weight and keeping it off there is a kinder solution. The Metabolic Research Center helps people from all walks of life to lose weight and gain health. They do so in a variety of ways such as helping you balance hormones or checking your DNA for factors that cause you to gain weight quickly.

Another way they help people is by offering positive support and encouragement. They make losing weight taste good with their cavernous library of healthy recipes that help you enjoy good food without gaining weight. Is that possible? Yes. Yet it is with recipes like this Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos.

You don't have to go on extreme diets to lose weight. You just need to learn how good food works with you to drop the fat and improve your health. If you are ready for that kind of change, stop by the Metabolic Research Center and explore your options.


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I love everything about this place. Faculty is amazing and friendly! My fiance, mom, and I have been going here since March 6th 2013 to lose weight for the wedding in April 2014. My fiance has lost over 50 lbs, my mom has lost 40 lbs and I have lost 50 lbs. I never thought I would actually have a chance to look healthy and amazing for the up-coming wedding, but Metabolic has made it possible! I highly recommend them to everyone I know!

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