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If you want to enjoy a better night of rest while boosting your weight loss efforts, it may be as simple as eating more protein. Recent studies from Purdue University show that obese and overweight adults using a high protein diet to lose weight are enjoying a better night of sleep too. While many studies look at the effect sleep has on weight control and diet, Purdue took a different take on this study, trying to figure out what the effects of diet and weight loss have on sleep. They specifically took a look at the amount of protein in the diet and how it affects sleep. In the end, the research showed that a high protein, low calorie diet can result in better sleep for adults.

The diet used was designed by a dietitian and tailored to meet the energy needs of each participant in the study. Approximately 750 calories of carbohydrates and fats were cut out each day while maintaining the amount of protein for both those in the normal and high protein groups. Protein sources used within these studies varied, including milk protein, pork, legumes, soy, and beef.

With this new research, we now know that improved sleep is just another benefit of eating a higher protein diet while working to lose weight. Some of the other benefits of a high protein diet for weight loss include lowered blood pressure and the retention of your lean body mass while losing weight. 

Poor sleep quality and short amounts of sleep often result in serious illnesses. Lack of sleep can result in cardiovascular disease and various metabolic diseases, resulting in premature death. Adding more protein to your weight loss diet can help you reach your weight loss goals while improving your sleep – it’s definitely a win-win situation!


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