Plate Color Can Help You Lose Weight

Different Color Plates

It is a proven fact that the human brain is influenced by color. Nature helps us in that respect by making the most nutritious foods, the most colorful as well. Foods like eggplant, oranges, spinach and tomatoes contain an abundant amount of nutrients. The darker or more vivid the color, the more nutrients they contain. The color of your plate also affects your dietary habits.

The Effects of Color and Contrast

Researchers have proven that the color of a person's plate can also have a direct impact on the amount of food they consume. White or neutral colored plates that were used when eating foods that lacked in color, such as pasta, potatoes and rice, often led to the person eating more than normal. Individuals who used colored plates that were in direct contrast to the color of their food, ate much less than those who used similarly colored dishes. The contrasting color of the plate in comparison with the food creates an optical illusion. The Delboeuf Illusion states that individuals who use a plate that is colored in contrast to the food that is on it, will naturally eat less.

Contrast and Weight Loss

The contrast between the color of the plate and the food that is placed on it results in smaller portions being consumed. Over time, this can lead to substantial weight loss. Learning to manage your diet through the colors of the foods you eat can be extremely beneficial, especially for people who are visually inclined. When more food needs to be consumed, use a plate that has a color similar to the food that is being placed on it.



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