Is There a Connection Between Mood and Food?

Woman Craving Comfort Food

Perhaps you've been there before. You have a bad day at the office or a bad argument with a partner, and you head to the fridge to choose the most comforting food you can find. Ice cream, pizza, and potato chips have all served as comforts during times of emotional suffering.

You probably know that times of comfort eating can wreak havoc on your weight loss plan. Try these positive coping strategies the next time you feel down.

  • Phone a friend. The negative energy that you have allowed to build up can sometimes completely dissolve when you share your feelings with a close friend. Talk about what's bothering you or laugh about old memories; either option can be cathartic.
  • Go for a walk. Physical exercise can provide a much-needed lift in your mood. Walk around your neighborhood for a few minutes when you feel a craving to eat emotionally.
  • Drink some water. Sometimes, you can get intense sugar or salt cravings when you are nutrient-deficient or dehydrated. Drink a full glass of water when you have the urge to give into one of these cravings. Wait 10-15 minutes, and if you still feel hungry, have a healthy snack instead.
  • Participate in a peaceful activity. There's a soul-soothing activity for everyone to enjoy. Some people are comforted when they curl up with a book, others love practicing yoga. Figure out which activity helps you feel better and do it regularly to prepare for low moments.
  • Rid your pantry of "comfort foods". If you're at risk of bingeing on unhealthy foods when you're tired or feeling down, simply remove these foods from your kitchen to prevent any guilty episodes of emotional eating.


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