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Disadvantages of the Cabbage Soup Diet

Blog Image: Disadvantages of the Cabbage Soup Diet

You might have heard of some of the fad diets out there and perhaps tried a few. The cabbage soup diet is one such weight loss regimen people have tried. It does help with detoxifying the body when used for up to a week as a cleansing fast.

However, it does have some downfalls as far as a long-term way to keep losing weight. Even though cabbage does have some carbs, meat and vegetables; it does not have enough of the carbs that you might need for energy. Furthermore, these cabbage soup diets typically are so low-calorie that they might cause you to experience a drop in energy.

Another issue associated with the cabbage soup diet related to low energy levels is that some people experience headaches, lightheadedness and other symptoms. These side effects also result from not eating enough calories – particularly not enough carbs. In addition, this diet usually restricts you to water and unsweetened juices. Therefore, you might have a hard time finding suitable beverage alternatives to help you curb cravings for alcohol, soda, coffee or other drinks.

Furthermore, the cabbage soup diet also has an effect on your muscles because that is where the pounds are really shed. No fat is burned either, and the only other weight loss resulting from a cabbage soup diet is usually water. This can be harmful to your body if this kind of meal plan is used for an indefinite period.

Cabbage soup diets are usually only recommended for use for about a week at the most. They can cleanse your digestive system as long as you do not consume too much meat. However, you are also advised to consult a trained health professional for meal plan advice based on your health history.


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