Seeing What You Eat

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The Metabolic Research Center promotes healthy eating as a means of gaining health and losing weight. Food options make it difficult to choose the healthiest foods, which is why vending machines have those large windows so that you can clearly see all of that candy and junk food. That fact is no accidental trick. Manufacturers know that we eat what we see. So how do you manage to eat healthy foods and still lose weight when there are so many visuals tempting you to stray from your goals? Let's explore some of those healthy eating options.

Stack the Deck in Your Favor

We choose what we buy at the grocery store. If your goal is to eat healthier food choices, don't buy the stuff you know will tempt you. When it is 11 pm and you are craving "something", your options will only be good food choices. Instead of cookies, try a yogurt. Instead of candy or cake, try a bowl of fiber-rich cereal. You don't have to specifically go without, just change up your options to things that still taste good but are not loaded with salt, fat, and sugar. Think whole-grain and natural foods.

Make Sure to Balance Your Carbs

The Diabetic Association uses a new trick called the Plate Method. It is an easy way to eat a balanced diet. Simply divide your plate into four segments. Half is for fruit and veggies, a quarter is for your carb, and the last quarter is for protein. Don't avoid eating carbs, your body needs them to produce energy. Instead, opt for "long-energy" carbs such as brown rice instead of bread. If your body has what it needs to produce enough energy it will not prompt you to go hunting for snacks. So, the lesson here is to use your body's needs as a weapon for losing weight.

Food choice is important and we do eat what we see. For anyone who is struggling to lose weight and gain health, the Metabolic Research Center can help. We offer a ton of resources including genetic and hormone testing for weight loss obstacles. Visit us online or drop by one of our local centers.


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