How to Enjoy the Holidays with Easy Weight Loss Tips

Holiday Cranberry Drink

The holidays are trying times for anyone trying to lose weight. At least that is what the diet industry wants you to think. The reality is that we can overeat any day of the year. Holidays, shmolidays! Healthy eating does not mean you have to be unsatisfied with food. In fact, it means just the opposite. Healthy eating is about enjoying healthy foods in proportion to your lifestyle.

Eating Healthy and Happy Holidays

Think about food in a different way. Think about it as an energy source or as something that bogs you down. Foods that are heavy in fat, sugar, salt, carbs bog you down. Food such as fruit, water, vegetables, lean meats, nuts give your body the tools it needs to make energy.

Tip: Choose your food wisely. If you want to indulge a little, and you should just balance out what you eat with healthy food choices. Just remember that nobody told you to eat the whole pumpkin pie.

Small Plate, Big Helpings

Trick your mind into thinking that you are pigging out by piling up a small plate with healthy foods. Remember that food choice matters, so balance out your plate. By loading up a small plate, you get the satisfaction of eating a lot when you are, in fact, not overeating at all.

Embrace Food

Good food does not have to be bad for you. There are plenty of recipes available at the Metabolic Research Center that help you make good-for-you food that tastes great. Mix up your menu to include healthy food choices. Foods like hummus, vegetable dips, and snacks can be healthy, taste great and look fantastic.

Drink More Water

It is nice to have a hot cider or glass of eggnog once a year. Our bodies are 70 plus percent water. A good way to balance out a few indulgences is to drink a few more glasses of water.

The Holidays are no big deal. There may be more temptation, but we have the power to overcome that. Visit the Metabolic Research Center and learn how healthy eating is the same as Happy Holidays. 


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