Hiking for Weight Loss

Hiking Is a Change of Pace

Springtime is upon us and temperatures are warming up nationwide. It's a great time to take your exercise routine into the great outdoors. Here are five reasons why hiking is a great way to lose weight, and tone up.

It's a better workout: Waking flat city surfaces is a decent workout.  But if you really want to tone up, hiking provides a more effective workout. That's because traversing the uneven terrain of grass, hills, rocks, etc. use more muscles than does flat-surface walking.

  • It's a change of pace: Let's face it - spinning away on a treadmill at the gym is only so interesting. Outside of a TV screen, the view doesn't change much. But hiking provides a plethora of possible views. The city skyline, the park, the river, the beach, the woods - Depending upon where you live, the views are endless.
  • It's a de-stresser: Studies have shown that being among nature is a prime stress reliever and can help lower incidences of depression.
  • It's a chance to disconnect: Need a little me-time? Taking a solo hike offers a chance to get away for a bit to think, reflect and recharge.
  • It's a chance to reconnect: On the other hand, hiking also offers a chance to reconnect with your significant other, your kids or your best bud. Leave the technology behind and get some face time while you get a workout together.

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