Fresh, Frozen, or Canned – Which is Better?

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Most people lead busy lifestyles today, so it’s often tough to buy, prep, and store fresh veggies and fruits. Unfortunately, this leads many people to turn to easy-to-fix options and processed foods that are high in unhealthy carbs. The great news is that all produce, whether it’s frozen, canned, or fresh, can be used to help you improve your health as you strive to reach your weight loss goals. 

If you’re going to purchase frozen or canned veggies and fruits, keep a couple tips in mind.

  • Tip #1 – Look for Added Sugar – First, make sure you look at the package ingredients to see if there is any added sugar. Unfortunately, some frozen and canned fruits and veggies may be filled with syrups, sugar substitutes, or sugar. Make sure you go with options packaged in water or their own juice. If you do buy options with sugar, syrups, or sugar substitutes in them, you can rinse them to eliminate the added sugar.
  • Tip #2 – Check Out the Sodium – It’s also important to look at the sodium content on frozen and canned veggies and fruits. Sodium is often added as a preservative, but low-sodium options should be available. If you can’t find low sodium options, make sure you rinse the produce before using.

Of course, whenever you can, it’s a great idea to eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. Some great options to buy fresh include celery, apples, baby carrots, oranges, grapes, and spinach, since they all have a reasonable shelf life. They won’t go bad quickly if you don’t have time to eat them right away. Keep some of these fresh veggies and fruits around and package them in serving size portions so you have some healthy, delicious snacks to eat between meals.


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