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“Waste not, want not.” When it comes to your muscles, you want to be able to go through your daily activities with plenty of energy and strength. In addition to helping keep your waistline under control, regular exercise has other benefits. A good exercise program should include strengthening, stretching and aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise may the most-talked about form. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, rowing, dancing — anything that gets your heart rate up promotes your heart health and circulation. Less intense forms of exercise, like gardening or housework, also have some aerobic benefits. Ideally, you should spend at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, doing aerobic exercise.

Stretching keeps you flexible and lessens the risk of an injury like a muscle strain or sprain. Stretching can also help you warm up and cool down. Many flexibility exercises also promote balance. For example, some yoga positions involve standing or kneeling in a posture that stretches tendons and muscles while balancing on one foot or knee. Other activities that include stretching are ballet, calisthenics and gymnastics.

Strength training doesn't have to mean weight lifting in a gym. It's an important form of exercise, however, as it builds and helps maintain muscle mass and prevent muscle atrophy, or wasting. Strong muscles help you go about your day without excessive fatigue. Strength training and weight-bearing exercise decrease the risk of osteoporosis (bone thinning). Lean muscle tissue also burns calories more effectively.

Exercise should be part of any weight loss program to prevent muscle wasting and promote a healthy metabolism. At Metabolic Research Center, we'll teach you how to lose weight while eating real food, and encourage you in the exercise program of your choice. Call us today for information or to schedule a consultation.


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