Should I Add Flax Seeds to My Menu Plan?

Flaxseeds and Flaxseed Oil

Have you been looking for a Super Food that offers a plethora of health benefits without totally transforming your current meal plan? If the answer is "yes", flax seeds may be just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). These tiny seeds pack a major punch when it comes to essential nutrients.

According to Medical New Today, flax seeds are cultivated in Egypt and China and are derived from flax, a super fiber-rich crop. Also referred to as linseeds, this plant is a beneficial source for a multitude of vitamins and nutrients, including the ever-important omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid, as well as dietary fiber, manganese, and vitamin B1. These seeds were said to be so healthy that 8th-century monarch King Charlemagne made an official decree that his subjects eat them regularly.

You must be in wonder at the power of flax seeds, especially if a royal thinks they're essential, right? Why are they so healthy?

The very same nutritional value of flax seeds are what make them great for general health. Based on information provided by Dr. Oz, most Americans do not get enough fiber in their daily diets. Fiber is significant in assisting with bowel functioning. Eating just a tablespoon of flax can deliver 8 grams of fiber!

Aside from keeping you regular, the essential fatty acids in flax have anti-inflammatory properties, and lignans that naturally occur in flax have been found to offer protective factors against both breast cancer and prostate cancer.

While many positives can come from including flax seeds in your diet regimen, there are some considerations. Because flax is so rich in fiber, you must start slowly - no more than a half a teaspoon per day - and gradually increase your intake once your body has acclimated to the increased fiber. Otherwise, you may experience some bloating as a result of eating this Super Food.

Mix it into smoothies, salads, yogurt, cereal, and virtually any dish for an added boost of beneficial nutrients.


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