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Palm Bay, FL

Please pardon the interruption as we eagerly prepare our Palm Bay center to reopen in MARCH 2019! For immediate assistance, our sister center in Melbourne is available and ready to help! We are also now accepting appointments for our Grand Reopening in March! To schedule an appointment, please give our Melbourne office a call at 321-425-2881 or fill out the green Contact Form below. See you soon!
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Metabolic Research Center Palm Bay
Metabolic Research Center Palm Bay
754 Malabar Road SE

Palm Bay, FL 32907
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Looking to kick start an effective weight loss program? At the Metabolic Research Center in Palm Bay, we teach you how to lose weight while eating delicious meals and snacks that are healthy and weight-loss effective.

Our goal is to help you to shed pounds and inches without annoying hunger pangs. That's why our weight loss resources include hundreds of tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that use real food. Plus, our high quality supplements can also help jump start your menu plan and keep your cravings in check. Over the last 25 years, Metabolic Research Center has helped clients all over the United States lose more than ten million pounds without fad dieting.

We believe effective weight loss is achieved by restoring your body's balance and enjoying your life. Call today for your free, personalized consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your weight loss products approved by the Federal Drug Administration?

The FDA does not require a review of dietary supplements and weight loss products like they do with potentially dangerous new drugs. GMP is the system used to ensure our vitamins, minerals, supplements, dietary foods, weight loss aids and snack foods are produced and controlled according to Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

Does your program work for women with thyroid problems?

At Metabolic Research Center, we know that hidden hormone imbalance can be the missing link to successful, long-term weight loss success. That's why we offer a Hormone Testing kit to detect and correct. Our approach helps balance your hormones to enhance weight loss and restore your energy and stamina.

What am I allowed to eat on a Metabolic Research Center diet?

Our weight loss programs are personalized for each individual's unique needs. But, everyone gets to enjoy delicious, real foods that you can purchase at your local grocery store and prepare in your own kitchen. Typically, these include fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, some starches, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Can you help an overweight vegetarian lose weight and keep it off?

Yes, we can. Metabolic Research Center does not believe in a "one size fits all" approach. Our weight loss programs and menu plans are personalized for each individual's unique needs. We will help you identify any hormonal disparities and recommend the best approach for achieving your weight loss goals.
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Easy meal plan to follow! Wonderful encouragement EVERY time you go! Praises for even small goals!!! I'm down almost 60 lbs and 71 in!!! Love this place!


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