Meditations: Breathing Is a Core Skill

Woman Meditating with Dog

Ever tried to use a relaxation technique, or done yoga?  So many disciplines, including dance, martial arts, yoga, archery, and many different types of fitness regimes use breathing as part of their basic knowledge.  Using breathing techniques to reduce stress and physical fatigue is a good portion of what yoga is all about, and it is certainly a core principal of many meditation styles. 

Deep breathing techniques, those that work because the breathing is done at a conscious and controlled level, at a controlled rate changes how our physiology is working in the moment.  It enriches blood flow at the base of the lungs, causing more blood to be oxygenated and at a faster rate, and that alone cascades through the body in a very positive way.

It's relaxing because it's a patterned movement.  It's relaxing because the breath is drawn in through the top of the body and passes into its core.  It has a path that can be traced and felt.  These characteristics make for better brain power, lower stress chemicals, and push the body towards an increased sense of wellness.

In yoga, breathing is such a core skill that the techniques are used to help people balance, and to extend their movements.  This helps to reduce muscle tension and center the body.  They can also help with pain management.

Lifestyle change is complex.  As one changes diet and fitness practices, there are a lot of things to keep track of and changes to be made in everyday life that can make the process seem somewhat hectic.  Breathing exercises, in whatever form appeals, is a great and quick way to reduce the stress of a changing life.


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