Lose the Mess to Lower Your Stress

A Very Messy Kitchen

Most people don't like to clean, and getting organized in today's busy world is often put on the back burner. But if you are on a mission to lose weight and get healthy, cleaning and organizing might just help things along. How could reducing clutter and getting organized help you lose weight? One way is by reducing stress.

A cluttered environment is a stressful one. When you come home to a mess, or when you are overwhelmed with a backlog of clutter, it actually raises cortisol levels, which increase overall stress. Cortisol has been linked to weight gain. In addition, stress can result in binge eating and absent-minded snacking.

When you eliminate clutter, you tend to relax, reducing cortisol levels and stress, making it easier to eat right and lose weight.

In addition, getting organized is a time-saver. Saving time is another way to ensure that you make healthy eating choices. Clearing junk food and leftovers out of your fridge means you have more room for healthy foods.

So, start minimizing. If the task of cleaning and organizing leaves you overwhelmed, start small. Head to the kitchen and clean and organize the refrigerator. Next, hit the pantry. From there you can work on your closet or junk drawer. One easy way to reduce visible clutter is to clean and organize surfaces. This includes countertops, desks, dressers and tables. This alone can have an immediate impact.

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