Soothing Muscle Soreness After Exercise

Woman Taking Muscle Relaxing Soak

If you're incorporating exercise into your Metabolic weight loss routine, you may experience joint and muscle soreness from time to time. This is especially true if you're not used to exercising. Many people can let this pain get in the way of progress, but following a few simple bits of advice can really help take away the pain and keep you on track for your goals.

Cool Down... Don't Stop

More movement is surprisingly one of the best ways to help your body feel better after a workout. You may want to flop on the couch and rest but this can cause your muscles and ligaments to stiffen, causing additional soreness. Simple movements keep the blood flowing and allow everything to heal. Even walking around the house or the neighborhood can have a big impact.

While many think of muscles as pure protein, they're actually more water than anything. Drinking plenty of water will help replenish fluids lost during exercise and expedite the healing process. This also helps flush excess lactic acid out of your muscles and prevents cramping. Stretching after a brief warm-up and after you've finished exercising helps keep muscle tissue flexible and pliable. Oxygen flow through the muscles is also aided by stretching which can help keep the soreness away.

Take a Hot Soak for an Extra Boost

When it comes to joints and ligaments, a good hot soak in the tub can do wonders. The warmth keeps blood flowing and naturally relaxes body tissues. To get an extra boost out of this regiment, add some Epsom salts to the bath water. These break down into magnesium and sulfate which can be absorbed through the skin and provide relief.

If you've done all this and still feel too sore for exercise, try easing back into your routine slowly. Perform fewer exercises, run shorter distances, and use less weight. This will help your muscles know they can't take time off and stop their progress, but will also give them a small break to help prevent injuries and make future workouts easier.


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