Why We Are Fat, Tired and Sick?

Woman Feeling Tired and Sick

In addition to obesity, fatigue and sickness run rampant in America even though this country is one of the wealthiest in the world. In case you wonder why, you can at least in part blame it on the Industrial Revolution. The idea of offering pre-packaged foods in the United States started to take off sometime after 1860. In some ways, the discovery of new processing methods has helped preserve food longer. This led to a better standard of living than in the past for most Americans.

However, preservation techniques gradually changed. It used to be that most foods were preserved by simple drying, pickling, curing, curdling, salting and smoking. Now, high-sodium and high-sugar additives are frequently used. In moderation, this would not have a negative effect. However, the American diet now consists of about 63 percent processed foods and only 12 percent fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Added sugar is probably the number one reason for sickness and tiredness. This ingredient is even in foods you wouldn’t think has it. For example, you’ll find it in boxed cereal, ranch dressing or canned peaches. Fructose, although occurring naturally in fruit that is excellent for you in moderation, can be one of the most dangerous sugars for you. The liver quickly metabolizes fructose and turns it into fat in a similar way as what happens when you drink alcohol. Fructose along with glucose also causes spikes in your blood sugar that is quickly followed by a sugar "crash." Upon coming down from a sugar "high," you feel fatigued. This tiredness could be the first sign of diabetes if it occurs often enough.

Processed Foods Add to the Problem

Be careful about eating too much added sugar. Likewise, you also need to watch out for foods that have too much sodium. These additives are meant to flavor your meals like table salt does. However, sodium also can make you feel “fat” because an excess of it causes bloating. Consuming too many salty preservatives also causes your body to acquire water from places it normally wouldn’t including your bloodstream. Your blood pressure also begins to rise, and too much sodium eventually causes heart disease. Sodium also takes moisture from your lung tissues, and this could be a reason why you have trouble breathing or are feeling tired.

If you’re tired of feeling "sick and tired” and struggle with keeping your weight down, start by limiting intake of food with preservatives. For instance, cut out canned foods with salt in them and stop eating TV dinners. You also are advised to make 50 percent of your diet fresh fruits and vegetables.


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