Tips for Watching Your Weight During the Holidays

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The holidays bring with them plenty of tempting delights, and watching your weight can be difficult during the holiday season. However, you don’t have to stand to the side with an empty plate while everyone else indulges at holiday parties and family events. The trick is to follow a few tips that will let you enjoy all your favorite holiday delights without worrying about ringing in the New Year 15 pounds heavier.

Tip #1Begin with a Small Plate – The trick to keeping your portion sizes small is to begin with just a small plate. Don’t grab a large plate or it will be difficult to avoid filling the entire plate. You’ll eat a lot less if you simply use a smaller plate when you hit the holiday buffet line.

Tip #2Check Out Everything First – Before you begin piling food on your plate, take some time to check out everything that’s available. This will help you decide on the foods you’d most like to try so you can save your calories for your favorites.

Tip #3Make Wise Choices – As you add holiday foods to your plate, try to make wise choices. Instead of going with processed foods, you’re better off to choose real foods, since processed options are usually loaded with salt, sugar, and fat to improve the taste.

Tip #4Watch Where You Sit – Be careful to avoid sitting near snack food while you’re at a party. When snacking, it’s easy to overeat. Choose a seat where you’re well away from snacks.

Tip #5Head for the Fresh Veggies and Fruits – Fill up on the fresh veggies and fruits. Not only are they a healthy choice, they’ll help fill you up so you don’t have much room for other calorie-laden foods. 

Of course, it’s also important to make sure you’re eating right throughout the season when you’re not at holiday events. Stick to healthy snacks and real foods to avoid packing on the holiday pounds.


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