Protecting Your Diet on Pumpkin Day


Healthy eating gets its strongest test during the holidays. Halloween is the first big holiday that we face. It is a good holiday to test your will power. One of the biggest tools that you can use to help protect your diet on pumpkin day is to realize the serving size of candy. It is perfectly okay to have a piece of candy or two, but it becomes a burden to enjoy the whole bag. Everything in moderation they say, but they probably did not have a whole back of Snickers waiting for Halloween so you can give them out to the kids. There is hope though and in this blog we discuss a few ways to keep your dieting momentum going strong, even through the holidays.

Do the Math

Four mini Snickers bars equals one serving size and has 170 calories. A person walking at 2 MPH who weighs 180 pounds burns about 34 calories in ten minutes. Those four mini Snickers bar just cost you 50 minutes of your life because you will have to walk for 50 minutes to burn off those calories. What else could you be doing in that 50 minutes of time? That is nearly 1/24 of a whole day. Is it worth it to binge on junk food? No, not really. There is a cost to eating junk food and it is paid for you in wasted time, or it requires that you use your time to overcome the negative calories that you ate. 

Find an Alternative Food 

If you want a snack that is somewhat sinful, make yourself some strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best form of chocolate because it helps us fight off depression. The fresh strawberries are healthy too, and you still get that little kick from the sweetness of both. There are other alternatives to eating junk food. Stop by the Metabolic Research Center and discover a whole section of healthy desserts that not only help with sugary cravings but help you to lose weight. There is no reason to ruin your diet on pumpkin day when you can maintain your momentum and still enjoy great food.  


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