Healthy American Foods You Can Eat Dining Out

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So you want to lose weight. That does not mean you have to stay at home and stare into the fridge nonstop. There are plenty of options for eating healthy and dining out. In this lose-the-fat blog, we look at how to choose foods that help you gain health and drop the fat.

The Skinny on Menus

Menus should have food choices for every type of eater. That is how restaurants appeal to all types of diners. Given that, feel free to visit your favorite restaurant but stay focused on picking healthy foods. Here's how

1. Avoid Heavily Processed Foods

White bread, pasta, and other processed foods often have high ratings on the glycemic index. That means that they turn to glucose quickly. Glucose is an energy and as such your body burns it and stores fat. If you exercise you must burn off all of the glucose in your blood stream before you body attempts to burn stored fat. Avoiding foods that are high on the glycemic index is one way to choose healthier foods.

2. Learn to Recognize Good Starches

Beans are both a starch and a protein. Howl grains such as barley, brown rice, and quinoa are all good forms of starch. Notice that these foods are not refined at all. That makes recognizing good starches easier.

3. Avoid the Fried Food Feast

This might be common knowledge, but it bears repeating. Fried foods are not healthy for you. Sure, your body needs some fat, but you get plenty of fat from eating healthy foods.

What Does a Healthy Dinner Look Like?

Start with a garden salad and opt for the vinaigrette. Choose a soup such as vegetable or minestrone. Choose an entree that is low in fat, free of sauce, and has very little cheese. A good example would be lean meats or poached fish. Salmon, mackerel, and tuna are excellent choices for fish. Forego the baked potato and instead, opt for the steamed vegetables. Broccoli, greens, beans, chard, asparagus, and cauliflower are perfect choices. Top off your dinner with a dessert such as sorbet, or split a more decadent choice.

Heading out to dinner does not mean you have to blow your weight loss plan. For more tips about gaining health and dropping the fat, just head over to the Metabolic Research Center where good food not only tastes good, it's good for you too.


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