Eating Better But Not Seeing Results?

Label for Lite Salad Dressing

It takes awhile for your body to adjust to eating healthy foods. The detoxification process can actually cause the digestive system to become more sluggish before it begins to work more efficiently. One of the first things to do to get better results is to train your body to acclimate to more water. Increasing the amount of water you drink slowly begins to alter how your body perceives it. After awhile, you will notice that you will feel more full and your hunger pangs will decrease when you consume more water.

"Lite" May Not Be Light

Know what you are eating. Even healthy foods can contain food additives that can stall your progress. Always read labels and know what is in the foods you are including in your diet. Many foods that claim to be healthy fall can actually be just the opposite because of loopholes in labeling. The debate between "light" and "lite" is a good example. Lite is normally lower in sodium and fats, while foods that are said to be "light" may just have a different color making them appear lighter in color than their counterparts. Read those labels and make sure you are getting what you need.

Don't Juice All the Good Away

It's also important to remember that liquids aren't always the best. The juicing craze may lead you to believe that juicing the right foods makes them a cure-all. That isn't true. Your digestive system still needs solid food to help keep it functioning at its best. Breaking down foods is what the digestive system is supposed to do, this allows it maintain specific levels of enzymes that it needs to collect the nutrients. While juicing may make it easier, it isn't always the best way to go.


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