Boost the Benefits of Exercise with a Hot Soak

Hot Tub

Exercise is about strengthening your muscles, burning calories, and burning fat. The process of exercise causes wear-and-tear on muscle fibers and stresses the intricate relationship between muscles, ligament, and tendons. A hot soak following your workout helps improve workout performance and gives your body a boost in repairing stressed and frayed muscle fibers.

Muscles Soreness and Inflammation.

Muscle cells undergo a great amount of stress when you exercise. We have all experienced that soreness that sets in a few hours after a heavy exercise session or even after taking a long walk when we are not used to walking long distances. That soreness is muscle wear and it is caused by a variety of reasons. Those include:

  • Muscle cell damage — heavy exercise causes muscle cell damage and the symptom is soreness. The soreness is due to the fact that the fibers that make up a muscle become frayed and as they move they rub against each other causing soreness.
  • Inflammation — Inflammation occurs when muscle cells swell up due to damage. The damage causes the blood supply to the muscle or muscle cell to become impaired or decreased. Because tendons and ligaments slide through muscles, every time we move that muscle we cause the connective tissue to abrade the swollen muscle fibers or cells.
  • Acidic buildup in the cells — Exercise burns chemicals and the byproduct of that process is acid. When acid builds up in the cells they feel sore.

When you soak in a hot tub it dilates all of your blood vessels even the smaller capillaries. When that happens, oxygen enriched blood pours into the damaged cells and helps them to heal. The blood flow helps to remove acid build up in the cells so that they can function and as the blood flows, it reduces inflammation and helps your body move with ease. The end result is that the soreness heals quickly and you can go back to exercising. This helps keep you on schedule and increases your health index.

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