Want to Feel Better for the Holidays?

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While getting ready for your third holiday party this week, you realize how rotten your feel. Due to a hectic day at the office, you’re extremely tired. Your joints ache. To make matters worse, you can’t find anything figure flattering to wear in your closet. In fact, due to gaining a few pounds, most of your clothes don’t even fit anymore. If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone. Being overweight can certainly put a damper on anyone’s holiday spirit. If you’re tired of battling the bulge, consider the following four reasons to start making some changes now.

Boost Your Energy Levels

When you’re overweight, you utilize more energy to complete everyday tasks such as walking to the mailbox, washing dishes, or doing the laundry. Therefore, once you drop the excess pounds, you may immediately notice an uptick in your energy levels.

Slash Your Risk of Developing Chronic Diseases

Losing weight might help you feel better long-term. If you’re overweight, shedding some pounds may slash your risk of developing serious, chronic diseases such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis 

Improve Your Memory 

Research suggests losing weight might even improve your memory. A 2013 Swedish study reveals women’s memory skills improved after adhering to a weight loss plan for six months. Brain scans of the women performed after the experiment uncovered increased activity when memories are made and less required activity when memories are retrieved.

Feel More Confident

Do you abhor shopping for clothes? Perhaps, you can’t remember the last time you wore a bathing suit while vacationing at the beach. In addition to improving your physical health, losing weight can help you feel more confident. Have insecure feelings about your body kept you on the sidelines for far too long? Losing weight might make you want to move from the sidelines to the spotlight.

Are you ready to drop the pounds and feel better? Adopt a healthy, new lifestyle by eating delicious, real foods. If you don’t know how to embark on this amazing journey, don’t despair. Consider scheduling a free, initial meeting with a consultant at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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I very happy that I want to Metabolic Research Center to get help with my weight. I have done a lot of thing to loss weight and I do loss it but only 25 to 35 pounds and I always gained it back because I go back to my old way. With the Metabolic Research Center they have shown me that I need to make a life change and I am trying.

— Maritsa Fernandez Ayon-Ramirez

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