Turn Locally Grown Into Locally Eaten

Fresh Locally Grown Produce

Late spring is a great time to hit up your local farmers' markets. Spring produce is at its best and summer produce will be arriving soon. Other than great produce options, why should you turn locally grown products into locally eaten products?

  1. Your money stays in the community. Rather than supporting a corporate behemoth, the money you spend at a farmers' market supports local families. Would you rather know that your expenditure helps support healthy community grown food or increase the stock prices of a large corporation?
  2. Your produce is at its peak of freshness. When you buy produce at the grocery store, it often arrives after a long plane, train, or truck ride. It's often picked while still green and artificially ripened. Your farmers' market produce is grown and allowed to ripen naturally.
  3. There is less waste at the farmers' market. Corporate food producers often throw out vegetables that are not perfectly shaped or colored. At the farmers' market, all the produce comes to market and nothing gets wasted.
  4. You can eat seasonally. Eating seasonally means that your diet has natural variety and your foods are at their peak of freshness and are nutrient rich. Enjoy luscious strawberries and fresh, sweet corn in the spring alongside flavorful greens. Dig into a bright red, ripe tomato in the summer along with crisp cool cucumbers. Make a warming squash soup in the fall.
  5. Spend less. Because there are fewer steps in bringing produce to a farmers' market, the overall cost is usually lower. You get better quality and more quantity for your money.

Do not be afraid to stock up while at your local market. Excess produce can be preserved through freezing or canning to ensure that you can enjoy the freshness of nature's bounty year round.


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