How to Eat Better During the Holidays

Holiday Meal




During the holidays, all the great holiday treats can make it tough if you’re watching your weight. However, you don’t have to give up your holiday favorites during the holidays to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Use these tips to eat healthier this holiday season while still enjoying your seasonal favorites.


Tip #1 – Use a Small Plate

Go with a small plate. You can fill it up and you won’t have all that plate space to tempt you to eat more than you should.

Tip #2 – Check Out All the Foods First

Before you start heaping your plate with goodies, take some time to check out all the foods. Then you can just go with your favorites instead of piling on everything.

Tip #3 – Choose Real Foods When Possible

As you make your food choices, try to choose real foods when possible. Processed options are usually packed with salt, sugar, and added fats for improved taste.

Tip #4 – Head for the Veggie Tray

The veggie tray is your friend during the holidays. Fill up on veggies and eat small portions of higher calorie favorites. Lean meats and fruits are great options too.

Tip #5 – Skip Seats with Nearby Snacks

Skip any seats at parties and dinners that have nearby snacks. It’s easy to overeat when you’re snacking, and all those calories will add up fast. 

Tip #6 – Don’t Skip Regular Meals

You may think that skipping a meal will let you indulge more at your party, but avoid skipping regular meals during the holiday. Eating a healthy meal will make you less likely to overeat on holiday favorites later.

Tip #7 – Pay Attention to Your Beverages

Pay attention to what you’re drinking. Holiday non-alcoholic beverages are often packed with sugar and calories. Alcoholic beverages can reduce your inhibitions and result in overeating. Stick with water, and if you really want an adult beverage, keep it to just one.


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