How to Break the Soda Habit

Pouring Cola into a Glass

As just about every type of addiction counseling can attest, there are always many different methods to use in order to break a bad habit. Soda is no exception, and there are many anecdotes about "soda junkies" and the ways that they ditched their habits. Listed here are but a few ways in which people have successfully replace soft drinks with healthier options.

Although some people find success in going cold-turkey, others find that they can cope better with weaning themselves off of sugary drinks gradually. Cutting down on consumption is always healthier than continuing with a full-blown habit, and a reduction in soda is a reduction in empty calories. Timetables for this vary, but if someone is drinking multiple servings a day, getting that down to one-a-day, and a week or two later, dropping that to three-a-week, allows for both the necessary changes in chemistry and habit. Just like any dietary habit, cutting down the opportunity to mindlessly consume soda, such as unlimited refills at a restaurant, should be the first place to trim consumption.

Another method is to dilute the soda with water. This is a way to wean without reducing volume of fluid, or impacting the action of drinking. It makes one feel full, and hydrated, and reduces the sweetness of the soda, which can help people to get used to drinking things that are not so sweet.

Comparing calories can help too. The average cola contains 140 calories for 12 ounces and a 20-ounce bottle has 240 calories. There are many tasty and more nutritious treats that could replace those calories, and comparing calories as they rack up may help put the brakes on your habits, especially for those who are working them off in a gym.


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