Is Skipping Breakfast to Eat More at Lunch a Bad Idea?

Sign for Fast Food Breakfast Drive Thru

While experts are now stating that breakfast is not really the most important meal of the day, this does not mean you should skip it entirely in favor of eating a large lunch. Your body, which has not had any nourishment throughout the night, needs nutrition in order to start the day on the right foot. Failing to eat can lead to mid-morning snack cravings for unhealthy junk foods. Additionally, your body will create its own blood sugar if you don't eat anything at breakfast and this blood sugar can result in high glucose readings. What is more, missing breakfast also slows your metabolism rate as your body holds onto fat until you get a bite to eat later in the morning or at lunch.

Avoid the Fast-Food Breakfast Drive Thru

At the same time, eating whatever you can readily find for breakfast is not the solution. Fast food is tempting, especially when you're in a hurry first thing in the morning. But, your body needs healthy foods to start your day and these foods are not at all hard to prepare. Whole wheat crackers with low-fat cream cheese and fruit, a healthy, home-made granola, low-fat yogurt with fruit and whole wheat toast with a couple of eggs, a slice or two of lean meat or a few slices of low-fat cheese are just some of the many nutritious, easy to prepare breakfast options.

You also need to pay attention to what you drink. Coffee is not necessarily bad for you but it can wreak havoc on your diet. If you are buying it with whipped cream, caramel and lots of sugar, don't expect to lose belly without a lot of extra effort. Taking time for a healthy breakfast can be an important component for individuals who want to lose a lot of weight. Consider your daily routine and look for ways to add healthy foods to your morning menu. This will help regulate blood glucose levels and you'll not only slim down but feel healthier and more energetic as you start your day.

For great ideas on how to start your day, contact the Metabolic Research Center. You visit the Recipes section of this website for quick and easy solutions for eating healthy. Then, contact the center nearest you for a FREE consultation to discuss your personalized menu plan.


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