YoYo Dieting Can Cause an Increase in Visceral Fat

Blog Image: YoYo Dieting Can Cause an Increase in Visceral Fat

After following a fad diet, it is common to regain some of the weight that was lost. This weight regain happens because of the extreme calorie deficit responsible for the initial weight loss that is too difficult to sustain. Few people can handle restrictive eating prescribed by crash diets. Yo-yo dieting may not only lead to fat accumulation and an increase in visceral fat stores, but it may change the fatty acid composition of the fat deposits. Studies have also reported increases in blood pressure during the regain phase. After completing a diet, most dieters are more likely than not to experience the body's starvation response, which can lead to rapid weight gain of fat only due to the slowing of the body's metabolism. The body goes into starvation mode causing the fat gain to exceed the original fat loss.

Avoid Disruptive Eating Patterns 

Losing weight should not be the goal you set, it should be the result that you seek. Adopting an unhealthy eating habits can increase your chances of weight loss failure because:

  • fad dieting disrupts normal body processes
  • fad dieting causes weight cycling
  • fad dieting leads to chaotic eating patterns
  • fad dieting burns muscle mass instead of fat
  • fad dieting leads to disordered eating

Studies on the effects of yo-yo dieting are concerning. With a less effective metabolic rate and an increase in appetite, fad dieting can cause future weight gain due to chaotic eating habits.

Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food & Exercise

Although weight loss is a physical transformation, it can be emotionally frustrating when the scale doesn't budge in the right direction. How you think about yourself and the decisions you make can have a major impact on your weight loss success. So, face your challenges with a positive outlook and learn how to replace any negative voices in your head that do not boost your self-confidence. While there is no easy fix for losing weight, there are numerous steps you can take to develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise. With the right mindset, you can manage physical and emotional triggers that lead to overeating and achieve a healthy weight. No matter how healthy you eat or how much you work out, a positive outlook is needed for a successful weight loss journey. It is doable and rewarding.


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