What If I'm Not Ready to Lose Weight?

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Does losing weight seem like a scary endeavor in to you? You're not alone. The team at Metabolic Research Center has worked with hundreds of clients just like you in the past. You may cringe at the idea of being fit after years of being overweight and out of shape. You may worry that you won't like the "new and improved" version of yourself. Whatever fear is lurking around your hesitation to lose weight, it's understandable.

Everyone has their own weight loss journey to travel. Follow these tips to prevent further weight gain while you're building up the courage to move to the next step in your weight loss plan.

Cut Caloric Beverages

Sugary drinks like soda, sweet tea, and even fruit juice can add a lot of unwanted calories to your daily intake. Slowly reduce the number of sweet drinks you have each day to zero. If you are a lifelong fan of sweet tea with dinner or a Coke in the afternoon, this may be a tough challenge. But.. try adding water for a few days and drink less and less sugary drinks. You're sure to feel and see the difference when you're not wasting so many empty calories in your beverages.

Get in Some Exercise

For individuals in their 20's all the way up to senior citizens, exercise is a necessary and beneficial element of good health. Many people assume they must spend entire days in the gym in order to see changes in their bodies. However, 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day can be sufficient for maintaining and losing weight. Try walking every night after dinner or doing jumping jacks, crunches, or squats during commercials while you watch your favorite TV shows.

MRC offers a free consultation. So connect with us to discuss more about making slow, gradual changes for your weight loss journey.


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