How Does Thermogenesis Impact Weight Loss?

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The word thermogenesis comes from the Greek?therme?for heat and?genesis?for creation. Essentially, this process involves the body's ability to use energy (or heat) to process food. Thermogenesis consists of a wide range of bodily processes including digestion, nutrient absorption, and the transportation and storage of food.

Thermogenesis is one of three very significant elements that determine the rate at which your body converts food to energy. Your body's basal metabolic rate are calories required at rest for biological processes such as breathing. The other deciding factor for your metabolism is the level of physical activity you get in a day.

These three factors determine how many calories your body burns throughout the course of a day. In general, thermogenesis is responsible for 100 to 800 calories burned daily based on your individual metabolism. This energy requirement remains relatively stable when other variables are the same.

Its Role in Weight Loss

Weight loss occurs when energy (i.e. calories) expended surpasses the amount of energy taken in. When you generate heat during exercise, the process of thermogenesis is at work. Still, the heat production triggered during physical activity is already regulated. For example, there is a predetermined amount of calories you can burn for doing "X exercise" for "X amount of time". Therefore, thermogenesis cannot be influenced in order to change the amount of calories the body burns this way.

The best route to permanent weight loss fast is through a combination of a good menu plan and routine exercise. Reducing the amount of calories one consumes each day and burning additional calories through mild to moderate exercise is most effective in getting the results you desire.

At the Metabolic Research Center, there is no one-size fits all to losing and managing weight loss. Every "body" is different. To learn how to best balance your diet of real foods with regular exercise, contact the professionals at the Metabolic Research Center. We provide a free consultation, a personalized menu plan with no calorie counting and all the encouragement and support that you will need to be successful.


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