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Millions of Americans are afflicted by food allergies. However, not all symptoms threaten lives. Sometimes, they just cause discomfort – and even weight gain. It’s not the allergies specifically that cause a spike in pounds gained. However, one common allergy symptom is inflammation. This is a condition that is typically characterized by swelling of the intestines resulting from bacteria growth that produces toxins. The outcome typically results in the prevention of normal digestion, which often leads to weight gain.

Another issue that might occur is that an allergic reaction can increase cortisol production. This in and of itself could stop inflammation. However, cortisol can also cause your blood sugar level to spike. Thus, an increase in insulin production and then later insulin resistance could cause diabetes. The increase of cortisol, of course, also causes the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

Identifying and Combating Allergies

Dairy products often cause allergies in people that differs from lactose intolerance. However, other foods such as peanuts, eggs, soy, fish and seafood and tree nuts or wheat are other contenders. Therefore, these foods probably are the first you would want to eliminate from your own diet if you are experiencing problems.

If removing these foods at least temporarily from your diet for a few weeks does not help, you might need to take other action. For instance, switching to mostly organic foods or not eating food loaded with preservatives in it. It might also be a good idea to see a doctor for a checkup if you want to find ways to pinpoint the food that is causing an allergic effect in you if it’s not a common reaction-causing food.


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