Fast Food Breakfast Tips: At Home or On the Road

Boiled Eggs for Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So what happens when you are on the road or late for work? These healthy foods are fast and satisfying.

Think Balanced Meals

It is really easy to put together a meal in less than five minutes if you are prepared to do so. So put down the power bar and take a deep breath. Life is about to get easier. The key to successful fast meal prep is to think ahead. Sure, you don't plan on being late for work, but it does happen. It starts with grocery shopping.

Shop Smart

Remember a balanced breakfast rules the day. So when you shop for breakfast foods, look for foods from all four food groups. For dairy, think low fat yogurt. Add in whole fruits like berries, bananas, and citrus. A good source of protein is a boiled egg. These are easy to make and you can peel them ahead of time. For grains, consider a whole grain piece of toast or an instant oatmeal option. With this kind of planning, you have everything you need on hand to create a lovely breakfast in under five minutes.

Invest in Your Health

Healthy eating is an investment into your long-term health. Take the time to focus on food choices even if you are traveling. Put down the donut and pick up healthy food options from the continental breakfast bar. Most offer yogurt, granola, milk, and fruit. You can also plan ahead when you travel by packing a little stash of dried fruit, trail mix, and instant oatmeal. Most hotels have a coffee maker so making hot water is not usually a problem.

The lesson here is that good food choices are very easy if you prepare ahead of time. For more healthy food tips visit the Metabolic Research Center where you will find a supportive community, professional support, and a whole library of healthy food menus. Eating healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice taste. Live it up a bit with good tasting healthy food choices.


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