How to Start Your Day without Added Sugar

Veggie and Fruit Smoothies

The importance of eating breakfast every morning cannot be overstated. Your body needs a hearty, healthy meal after a long night's fast; unfortunately, many restaurants advertise healthy breakfast meals and drinks that contain large quantities of sugar and sugar substitutes.

Know the Culprits

Coffee can wreak havoc on your healthy diet plan, especially if you order a fancy brew that resembles a dessert more than it does actual coffee. Read the ingredients or better yet stick to a simple coffee with no sugar added. You can add your own to ensure that it is not over-sweetened.

So-called healthy smoothies can also contain large quantities of sugar. While healthy ingredients such as fruit and peanut butter are prominently featured, the fact that some smoothies contain nearly two-dozen teaspoons of sugar is not so prominently advertised. Seemingly, healthy breakfast meals can also contain a lot of sugar to include pre-packaged or fast-food oatmeal, granola and yogurt parfait.

How to Avoid the Added Sugar

Making your own breakfast at home is the best way to avoid unwanted sugar intake. Some simple yet healthy breakfast ideas include homemade granola, low-fat cheese with whole grain crackers or bread and plain yogurt with fruit. You can also make your own healthy smoothies using fruits, vegetables or a combination of both. If you do need to buy breakfast on the go, read the ingredient list before picking. If you don't understand what is included in a particular dish, don't hesitate to ask. Too much sugar can wreak havoc on your weight loss plans and your overall health. Avoid common mistakes people make when picking a breakfast and stick to foods that contain only healthy ingredients. It may be work but you will feel the positive difference in your overall health and weight.


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