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Frustrated by fad diets that didn't work? The Metabolic Research Center has put more than three decades of experience into our programs. This allows our weight loss consultants to provide a menu plan that amplifies your chance of success. We will teach you all about our "Weight Loss Overland Park" menus to consume real foods in a way that feeds your metabolism. Our staff will educate you as to how food cravings can cause you to fall short as well as help you lose the weight you want. We teach you what you need to know about losing weight and keeping it off for good. If you've tried other diet plans but struggled to drop inches around your waist, MRC's experienced coaches can explain why your attempt was likely destined to fail. Successful weight loss comes from the combination of properly balanced menu plans, expert weight loss coaching, and the right nutraceuticals to energize your body. Our "Weight Loss Overland Park" program incorporates a healing balance of fresh meats, the right fats, essential fiber and carbohydrates. You'll feel sated and in charge of your program, making healthy weight loss safe and effective. MRC's meal plans are simple to follow. You'll feast on real, wholesome foods that you purchase at your local food store or eat when dining out. In addition, there are no pre-packaged meals to purchase, no calories to count and no guesswork. By eating great tasting foods, you don't have to live hungry to lose weight and your weight loss consultant will keep you on course until your desired weight is attained.

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Meet Katie!

"I got engaged and decided it was time to get healthy! After years of struggling with my weight, I was ready for a change. Last year was tough, we had a death in our family, I changed jobs, and we moved to the Kansas City area. All of these life changes led me to use food as my comfort. When I weighed myself in April I was 30 pounds heavier than I was the day I got married. I was ready for a change. My Mom did MRC in the past and she encouraged me to check it out. I filled out the form on the website and Sheila called me immediately. I went into the Center the very same day and started the program."

"Sheila, my Weight Loss Consultant, was supportive and understood what I needed. She encouraged me and gave me great advice. I saw results immediately. I decided that this was going to work; I was eating real food, I was not hungry, and it felt maintainable. I learned to cook great recipes, infact my husband is eating what I eat and he loves it! Together we are both eating healthy, it's tasty and it's fun!" 


This program is amazing!! I've never stuck with a plan more than a week - now I'm almost 3 months in - 28 pounds and 48 inches smaller!!!

— Anita Young Mize

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