Why Fall is a Great Time to Lose Weight

Fresh Fall Vegetables and Fruits

As soon as most people realize summer is approaching, they quickly adopt healthier living strategies or even implement unsafe practices to get a bikini body. While making the choice to live an overall healthier lifestyle is a terrific during anytime of the year, summer isn't always ideal.

In fact, summer can be a horrible time to develop a cleaner diet and an exercise regimen simply for the reason listed above—most people end up going to extremes just to get the weight off. Plus, with kids being out of school and crazy routines involving summer camp and family vacations, summer proves to have far too many distractions to truly dig in your heels for weight loss. That all goes without having mentioned the abundance of birthdays, pool parties, and barbecues hosted over summer with menus of delicious yet not-so-clean food options. Keep reading to learn why fall is the best time to kick off your weight loss program.

  1. Schedules are more steady. That's right, fall is a winner because it is not as heavily loaded with time off from school or vacations like summer or winter. School has started back and people's routines start to take shape. Once you get into a steady routine, it's much easier to plan meals and schedule in physical activity.
  2. Healthy food options abound. Pumpkins aren't the only produce in peak during autumn. Fruits, too, are aplenty this time of the year, particularly cranberries, apples, grapes, and oranges. Just think of all the whole food dishes you can make with all the produce available at fall. Other options include mushrooms, spinach, sweet potatoes, and squash.
  3. Just in time to be fully committed by the holidays. Getting ready, set, march..  during the fall season gives you two to three months of acclimating to your healthier lifestyle before the holidays arrive. Yes, the holidays can come with many temptations, but if you have stuck to your program and seen positive results, you will be more likely to choose healthy options on these days, too.

To learn more about healthy fall foods, visit the Metabolic Research Center. Our Recipes section if chocked full of tasty, tempting options that are ideal for weight loss and weight management. 


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