What are the Best Condiments for Losing Weight?

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While ketchup, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce are perhaps some of the most common condiments on American tables, the fact is that these flavoring agents are far from healthy. Most people who want to lose weight know that mayonnaise is fattening; however, what is not commonly known is that light mayonnaise has almost the same amount of fat as regular mayonnaise. What is more, manufacturers commonly add more sugar and salt to low-fat foods than they do to regular foods. This is done because fats are tasty and removing them from foods results in a loss of flavor.

Is Sugar the First Ingredient Listed?

Ketchup and BBQ sauce are not nearly as fattening as mayonnaise, but that does not mean they are good for you. Both of these sauces contain large quantities of sugar or sugar substitutes such as corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. In fact, in some brands, sugar is the first ingredient on the list and you could be ingesting up to four grams of sugar with every tablespoon of ketchup. While ketchup does contain lycopene, which is a valuable antioxidant, there are better ways to get this antioxidant than loading spoonfuls of a sugary, unhealthy yet tasty condiment onto your hot dog, hamburger, eggs or French fries.

Use Natural Ingredients to Make Your Own

Thankfully, you can enjoy tasty foods while maintaining a healthy, low-fat, low-sodium diet. If you enjoy ketchup and barbecue sauce, consider making your own at home using natural ingredients. There are simply recipes online; you simply need to pick one or a few that you like and try them out. Alternatively, you may want to replace the above mentioned condiments with healthy ones such as homemade pesto sauce, mustard, fresh salsa or hot pepper sauce. While changing your eating habits may take some sacrifice, the health benefits are more than worth the effort.


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