Not All Asian Dishes Are Weight Loss Friendly

Uramaki Sushi Dish with Chop Sticks

You've may have heard that the French don't get fat, but if you think about it, neither do most Asian men or women. The main ingredients in Asian dishes look great for weight loss: lean chicken, loads of fresh vegetables, rice, seafood, and even a few nuts. Not all Asian dishes are weight loss friendly, however, and you should examine your menu carefully to ensure you make healthy selections.

The Best Asian Dishes for Weight Loss

Many Asian menus will include a small symbol to indicate their most healthy items. It might be a small heart or other symbol. These dishes typically are lower in fat and cholesterol. If your menu doesn't do the work for you, look for dishes such as:

  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • Steamed Vegetarian Pot Stickers or Dumplings
  • Sushi with Brown Rice
  • Sashimi
  • Chicken, Fish, and Tofu Dishes (steamed or cooked in broth)
  • Steamed Noodle or Rice Dishes

Asian Menu Items to Avoid on a Diet

While General Tso's Chicken may be a long time favorite of yours, it is best to avoid dishes like that while on a diet. Menu items that include deep fried proteins and heavy sauces are also calorie laden. Some dishes, such as cashew chicken, seem healthy but the abundance of nuts will also greatly increase the calories.

When ordering from the menu, feel free to be assertive about how you want your food cooked. Ask for little oil to be used or for items to be steamed. Ask for light sauce or fewer nuts in some of your favorite dishes. Portions also tend to be large in most Asian restaurants, so controlling portion size is also a must. A successful strategy is to ask for a child or senior portion or ask your server to box half of the meal to go while still in the kitchen.


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