Keep Your Blood Sugar Balanced for Fewer Cravings

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Many people don't like to eat breakfast. Some say it slows them down. Others say it doesn't matter what time of day they consume their daily intake of calories. You may have even read weight loss advice that says, "Don't eat if you're not hungry". But a healthy breakfast can help your body keep blood glucose levels stable all day, which is especially important for anyone who suffers from Type 2 Diabetes or who has been told that they are pre-diabetic.

Skipping breakfast has been proven to disrupt the body's blood glucose balance and may trigger blood sugar spikes after your lunch and dinner meals. Researchers in Israel recently concluded that not eating in the morning makes it much harder for insulin (naturally produced or medically injested) to work throughout the rest of the day.

One of the biggest mistakes that some dieters make in the morning, is not eating enough. When you first get up, your energy stores can be depleted by as much as 80% from the night before. If you head to work or take the kids to school without eating breakfast, your body slows your caloric burn in order to save energy. This causes your metabolism to take a nose dive, which leaves you trying to recover the rest of the day.

Instead of feeling energized all morning, skipping breakfast can leave you feeling exhausted. Then, if you wait until mid-day to eat, post meal blood sugar spikes can leave you feeling tired and sleepy. In the long term, blood sugar fluctuations can increase your risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes as well as developing glucose-related problems, such as vision problems, kidney disease or cardiovascular disease.

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