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Starving yourself is not the ideal way to lose weight. In fact, a person must consume 1,000 calories a day, just to provide the body what it needs to function. If less than that is consumed on a regular basis, the body will go into what is known as starvation mode. When the body experiences consistent shortages of food, it begins to perform a special type of damage control. The body will begin to slow down or, in some cases, completely shut down, certain physiological processes to save energy. The drawback is that when this occurs, any excess calories consumed are immediately stored as fat until the body realizes its food supply has returned to normal.

Eat What You Love

Since you have to eat to survive, it is important that your enjoy the process. Find healthy, nutritious foods that you truly like and eat them often. Include them in your diet on a regular basis. People who eat foods they love will often eat slower and chew their food better. This allows for better digestion and the opportunity to begin to feel full before you have consumed too much food. For every food that you tolerate for its benefits, include a healthy one that you enjoy as a reward.

The Right Foods in Moderation

Choose foods that contain whole grains. They will fill you up faster and take longer to breakdown in the digestive tract. This keeps you from eating too much and also makes it possible for other foods to be digested more fully. Better digestion, better nutrient assimilation. Eating several smaller meals every day in moderation will help control appetite, increase energy and provide ample amounts of nutrition that will help you with both your weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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My relationship with Metabolic Research center began Feb 2010 when I weighed 182 lbs and had high blood pressure. I lost a total of 69 lbs and 72 inches. It has been 6 years and I continue to maintain my weight. I owe my continued success to MRC and all the great classes, especially yoga and the continued support that I receive from the staff. I have learned that food is nothing but fuel for the body and just as with your car you need to give it the right fuel in order for it to run proper. Follow the program and it is possible to loose the weight and maintain it. Nothing tastes as great as healthy feels!


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