Do You Have a Menu Plan?

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If you don't have a menu plan, you need one that supports your individualized weight loss program. Good health won't just happen without a plan that includes eating real foods. And, that doesn't mean some extravagant plan where you over consume one food while ignoring a balanced diet. You wouldn't load up the family and hit the road on vacation without a plan as to where you're going. That would be poor planning. So, how could you expect to restore your good health without a plan?

You want to set up the conditions for success before you take off in the wrong direction. Without a menu plan, losing weight will be much more difficult. You will have to get up every day and decide what you should eat for your first meal. Then, you'll have to spend pre-lunch time pondering what you should eat next. Now you'll find yourself thinking about it all day and into your evening. Such a haphazard approach is not good and bound to fail.

By planning for all of the essentials, you should have all of the right foods in the cupboard and refrigerator. Important ingredients and real foods are all ready for you to start your morning. Plus, it will be much easier to plan for a healthy lunch and midday snacks as well as your evening meal. You can even create an emergency travel pack, if needed. This way, you don't have to think, just get up and follow your plan.

Often the hardest part of eating right, restoring your good health and managing weight loss is the "going it alone". At the Metabolic Research Center we've helped clients lose more than 10 million pounds. We've been in your shoes and understand how encouragement, support and celebration increase your chance of success. Call us today and let our professionals design a menu plan that works for you.


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This program is amazing!! I've never stuck with a plan more than a week - now I'm almost 3 months in - 28 pounds and 48 inches smaller!!!


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