Time to Celebrate More and Agonize Less

Celebrate Weight Loss

Is the little voice in your head shouting at you and repeating that phrase from the Olympic commercials — “The Agony of Defeat!” While you may be fixated on your last unproductive attempt at dieting, you are in good company — someone who understands the frustrations and disappointments that result from so many popular quick-fix diets.

With the grocery stores shelves replete with unhealthy foods disguised with misleading food packaging, many Americans find their efforts at following a healthy diet with real foods hindered by our modern day selections of processed foods. Many of these people get stuck in the cycle of diet and frustration, and some of them may be your friends and family. Unfortunately, when you want to make a change, these people may unconsciously pull you into the cycle of commiseration.

It’s time to celebrate and enjoy life with a healthy diet of real food rather than agonize over a failed attempt at weight loss. The Metabolic Research Center supports your efforts with education and encouragement. We help you understand and embrace real foods that heal your body and allow for natural weight loss. Our method combines the power of real food, personalized and empathic support, and nutritional supplementation to start you down the road to celebrating weight loss victory.

In addition, our program provides one-on-one coaching to help you with individual needs and provide you with tools, tips and motivation to achieve your goals. Finally, when you reach those goals, your Healthy Living phase continues as you make healthy choices in life that keeps the weight off. We want you to rejoice in your accomplishments and we always help you celebrate.

At the MRC, the majority of our compassionate and experienced staff started as clients of our program. They know the struggles and frustrations, but now they know how celebrating your life, making healthy choices and choosing real food leads to positive outcomes. Let us help you reach that goal and leave the “Agony of Defeat” behind.


Jodi J. knew the struggle and she reached out to Metabolic Research Center for help. Look at her in her beautiful red dress, down 38 pounds. Jodi reached her goal and we can help you do the same!


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Already seeing good results 2 weeks in. My MRC counselor is excellent and wonderful at explaining the menu and requirements


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